Women's Esprit
Leader: Sis.Tiffany Seiber

Texas District Women's Esprit


We Define

WE is full of spirit. The word "esprit" is a noun and the definition is: Sprightliness of spirit or wit; lively intelligence. Women's Esprit is becoming alive in all aspects of our lives and WE are quick and ready to serve.

We Pray

WE teaches women to model the value, "We have done nothing until we have prayed, because we desperately need to be spirit-led in ever aspect of our daily lives."

We Want You

WE encourages women to believe in themselves and achieve their full potential by taking active roles in local church ministries.
WE Develops a passion among Apostolic women to actively support fundraising activities through their local churches to support the annual Channels of Blessings offering.

We Can Do It

WE challenges women to grow spiritually, affecting all aspects of their lives as church leaders, wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, homemakers, and working women.
WE serves as a catalyst to ignite revival among women throughout our organization for strengthening marriages and families and equipping them to reach out to the unsaved.
WE empowers local pastor's wives to become effective leaders of women's ministries in their local churches
WE can change the world


Texas District WE Officers


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